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Pick your Poison, Drink the antidote!

Cocktail kits straight to your door, miniature kits for favours and masterclasses available!

About Antidote Cocktails

Antidote Cocktails is a DIY cocktail kit that provides the spirits, liqueurs, syrups, garnishes and recipes to create quality cocktails in your own home, just add softs! Each ingredient is packaged separately so feel free to change things up or experiment with your own tastes. We're here for all the creatives who like to do their own thing. We want to give you the tools to make what you like and teach you a bit about the building blocks behind any good cocktail.

We've also organised masterclasses where our bartender will walk you through creating basic cocktails with a range of liqueurs on hand to provide an individualized tasting experience.

Our kits are great for gifts and we can also create bespoke miniature kits as wedding party favours.

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