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Handcrafted Scottish Jewellery 

Caitlin designs and makes jewellery that resonates with the ancient past and how humans have interacted with the land through time.  

About Caitlin Hegney

Objects from ancient hoards, stone carvings and sacred sites inspire Caitlin's work.  More recently, Caitlin has been looking to human connection with the land; in particular the relationship between the body and water when wild swimming.  She hopes that her jewellery can be grounding and promote a sense of well being amongst the buzz of modern living.  Bangles, earrings and necklaces make make great gifts to your friends of honor, as well as for you to wear on your special day.  Caitlin’s designs are imbued with symbolism and meaning for you to begin wearing on your big day, and into your lives together beyond the ceremony.  


The ancient metalworking techniques Caitlin uses are rhythmic and meditative, putting her own spin on traditional craft processes of chasing, forging, filigree and lost wax casting. The collections are available in silver and fairmined gold vermeil.


Caitlin’s wedding designs are available to commission in solid gold. Bespoke services include connecting couples to the geology of a landscape special to them; using rocks to forge the metal creating a unique texture.  Caitlin also offers a remodelling service; melting down and breathing new life into your heirloom metal.


Caitlin graduated from Silversmithing & Jewellery Design at the Glasgow School of Art which brought together her creativity and interest in anthropology.  Caitlin is now based in her home studio in Helensburgh Argyll, on the West coast of Scotland.

You can find more info and see more images of Caitlin's gorgeous work on her bespoke page here.

Or feel free to email Caitlin:

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