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Down-to-earth Glasgow Wedding Photographer

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Looking for a down-to-earth wedding photographer that'll put you at ease? Take a look at Emma Donaldson Photography!

About Emma Donaldson Photography

Emma’s style is natural and candid, focusing on the real moments between a couple and their guests. Capturing all the little things, the details, high fives, hugs and dancing is Emma’s speciality.

Based on personal experience, Emma understands how unnatural it can sometimes feel for couples to have their photographs taken. Emma will provide the reassurance and gentle guidance needed to ensure it’ll soon feel like the most natural thing in world.

Emma’s personable approach allows for everyone’s individual personalities and quirks to come out, helping create the most natural movement and connection between a couple.

Always on the look-out for the best light, don’t be surprised if Emma presents an impromptu photo opportunity outside come rain or shine!

Interested to learn more? Visit Emma’s website at

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