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Storytelling, emotive, honest, creative photography

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'I prefer to adopt a storytelling approach to documenting your day, capturing all the wee details and moments as they happen... like a photo ninja... stealth mode.

Yes we can do some fun (semi-posed) images, couple shots and group shots but the rest of the time I will be off taking candid photos whilst you are having fun with your loved ones' - Emma - Fairytale Asylum

About Fairytale Asylum Photography

This tattoo loving, Tim Burton inspired photography ninja offers a gorgeous relaxed storytelling style. Not a fan of awkward 'firing sqad' photography, Emma ensures she captures candid photographs whilst you are having fun with your loved ones! 

Emma offers various photography packages for weddings, engagements and family & lifestyle.

You can call Emma for a blether on:

TEL: 07815 744329

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