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The Flowery Celebrant & Florist

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Pagan celebrant (with a floral twist), Fiona Stewart believes there is a celebrant out there for every couple. It's just finding the right one to tell your love story...

About Fiona Stewart

Whether your story has been a fairytale from the start or one that has required perhaps a wee bit more work along the way, you have both come to the decision that you want to spend the rest of your life with one another. Holy Moly, that's pretty epic to be fair, you have routines together, you have shared dreams and wishes with one another and now you need someone to hold the sacred space for you to make promises that could last far beyond this very existence. That's right, Fiona believes the vows you make to one another can last an eternity.


Here's what else Fiona shared with the Unconvention;


''As a celebrant, I belong to the Scottish Pagan Federation, therefore your marriage is legal if you would like it be and any handfasting ceremony is done in the most traditional way, by binding two clans and two souls together. All handfasting cords and tartan cloths are custom-made by yours truly, so If you have a clan tartan or favorite color of cord/ribbon we can make it truly unique to you.


I would say I am more of your outdoor celebrant, I love a mountain or a loch to call forth the elemental spirits for their blessings in your marriage, but you know there are some stunning indoor venues to marry inside too. If we can't be out in nature, let's bring some nature to you, we can set your altar with swathes of foliage or sprinkle rose petals around you to create your sacred space. 


We don't always have to go full pagan either, if your love has been forged on a more spiritual level, we can find a way to curate a ceremony that resonates with this energy also. Souls have a magical way of intertwining all on their own, and through ritual and the art of the spoken word, we can nurture and reflect this by telling your journey and how you found your twin flame.  


Let's talk flowers for a moment, my floristry is as wild as my hair, it normally starts of neat, but quickly becomes unruly in wilder settings. I love to use locally foraged elements to make the flowers more authentic to the sacred wedding space, and when the seasons allow, I very much like to support the local flower farmers.

For wedding elopements, I do a wee package of Buttonholes, bridal bouquets, and Flower Crowns, so you can guarantee by the time we have a wedding ceremony written together, I will have an idea of your favorite flowers and style too.


Interesting facts about me -


When I'm not a wedding celebrant my day job is actually as a Funeral Director. This may sound quite the opposite of marrying couples but you know they both share a similar element, and that is love. To all couples out there, life is short, live fiercely every day, and tell your partner you love them when your heart aches for them.

A wedding is a key milestone in your journey, celebrate it!  Make the most of those damm, everlasting memories, and cherish them forever. 


I have a full backpiece tattoo, I know that is pretty badass and when we meet for our initial consultations, you will be like no way, she is so polite and well-spoken but that's right, I'm rocking the ink.


I work really hard, so my 3-legged, 19-year-old cat Trixie can live her best life. I do try to make it a daily goal to tell strangers about my cat.


Please let me know if you would like anything else at the moment.''

Interested to learn more? Contact Fiona today on 07591044248, or via email at 

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