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Modern, abundant florals for creative couples and wild souls.

Floral Ménagerie
{Flohr–uhl Mey-nahzh-uh-ree}

1.An unusual collection of wild flowers, especially for exhibition or show

About Floral Ménagerie

Floral Menagerie is a family-run business with over 10 years’ experience, led by Lisa with assistance from her partner Slyder and their rescue greyhound, Maya. From their private garden studio in the heart of the Garnock Valley, Ayrshire, they specialise in contemporary florals inspired by the changing seasons and the individuality of each bloom. An all-year round studio, based on the West Coast, but happy to travel across Scotland and beyond.

Floral Menagerie have packages to suit all couples:

  • The Elopement Package - designed for the adventurous, wild at heart couple who choose an intimate ceremony

  • The Sustainable Package -curated for the eco-conscious couple, using locally sourced flowers

  • The Ready to Wear Collection - for the fuss free couple, featuring a selection of ‘off the peg’ designs without the need for time consuming planning meetings - LAUNCHING SOON!

  • The Bespoke Collection – Lavish full venue designs tailored to your own unique style


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