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Gillian Monaghan - Celebrant

Gillian is a Humanist Celebrant, based in Leith, Edinburgh and represents the Caledonian Humanist Association.

About Gillian Monaghan Celebrant

I’m Gillian and I’m based in Leith, Edinburgh although I am a natural-born Dundonian. Humanism embodies all of the values that I hold dear – those of creativity, inclusivity, empathy, reason and tolerance. I see my role as a Humanist celebrant as a form of creative expression and I feel privileged to be entrusted with your story. A ceremony which honours exactly who people are, filled with the best anecdotes, memories and unique flourishes is the best way to celebrate any major life milestone. Do you want your naming ceremony to include a colourful sand ceremony or bubble blowing ritual? Or a wedding ceremony conducted at the top of a hill or in the middle of a hedge maze? I am always up for anything a bit quirky and open to ideas! 

10 Facts About Me:

1. I’ve had an interesting career trajectory, initially training in the performing arts, before embarking on a career in the music industry and then finally, training to be a Drama teacher.

2. Golden Retrievers are my spirit animals and I am the proud owner of Nonny, the Goldie who was ring bearer for me and my partner at our own wedding!

3. I love creative writing and have had some of my short stories published and have read one of my stories out live on BBC Radio Scotland.

4. I am a Gaidhlig learner.

5. I love travelling around and photographing Scotland. I know every corner of our beautiful country and am happy to travel far and wide to conduct ceremonies.

6. I once sang for a couple on a clifftop in Arbroath dressed up as Cleopatra of the Nile. The bride was Catwoman and the groom was Batman.

7. I'm a coffee addict! (Well, there are worse vices, right?)

8. Cheese is life. Fact.

9. I'm very competitive when it comes to Trivial Pursuit.

10. Technology is a wonderful thing but I tend to thrive better without it! I am analogue in a digital world and in this sense, truly vintage! 



Legal Wedding and Baby Naming Celebrant 

Caledonian Humanist Association 

E: M: 07359 036645


Instagram: @gillian_humanist_celebrant

Facebook: Gillian Monaghan Humanist Celebrant 

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