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Humanist Celebrant, Thistle Ceremonies
Based in both Lanarkshire and Argyll and happy to travel

About Janine...

I was tempted to do a wordle to illustrate some key words to describe what I’m passionate about…
but my tech skills let me down! However, if I could have done it, you would probably see the
following words stand out….

Lochs and lochans, dogs, Argyll, heartfelt, water, intimate venues, beaches, animals, nooks and
crannies, happy, paddle boarding, scenic, wild, relaxed, forest clearings, boats, rustic, calm, indoors
and outdoors (I’ll stop now!)

By way of explanation…
My dad is a landscape artist and has passed on his love of the outdoors and our gorgeous Scottish
rugged landscapes to me.

I love weddings that embody the sheer beauty of Scotland, both bringing the outdoors in with
beautiful rustic styling … but also and especially, I love being outside. I enjoy conducting weddings in
gorgeous and intimate spots in Scotland, particularly by or on the water! I’m happy to share some
pretty special undiscovered spaces that are hidden gems or conduct a wedding in some of our well
known beauty spots – from Camusdarroch beach in Arisaig, to our beautiful Lochs and Lochans, or
heading up the Mountains such as the Lost Valley in Glencoe …. we have magical places in Scotland
and I am keen to tick off conducting weddings in as many unique places as I can – I defo have a
bucket list - and I’d love you to help me work my way through it!
By moonlight, by dawn, wherever, whenever!

And what about the ceremony?

Well first off, as a celebrant who will work with you to plan your individual and special ceremony,
exactly how you want it… if you’re happy, I’m happy… FACT. I am a pretty relaxed person, so if you
have an idea (or lots!), then I’m happy to chat things over and bounce ideas around. Ultimately, I
will aim to write and deliver a ceremony which has plenty of smiles and laughter, heartfelt and
magical moments, and more than likely, some tears of joy. I will give you guidance and suggestions,
or will happily be led by your creative thoughts and inspiration. I do love to laugh, but I know that I
am also a very calm person and I always expect the unexpected!

There’s lots more about me in addition to being a celebrant, but that can wait for another day! Well
ok, a few more facts: I love messing about on the water - on boats, canoes, paddle boards – so I’ve
shared some photos of a wedding which combines all my favourite things – Lochs, boats, dogs and
wonderful people! And this gorgeous pupster did her ring bearing duties very well! Come show me
pics of your fur babies if you stop by!

About Thistle

As a humanist celebrant with Thistle Ceremonies, I’m going to state the obvious by saying that I can
legally conduct weddings anywhere in Scotland. But here’s some less obvious information!

Something we are all really proud of at Thistle, is our commitment and desire to help and care for
those around us. We are a charity as well as a humanist organisation and as a result, we donate a
percentage of every single ceremony we conduct to our funeral poverty fund, to help those in need.
We are a small, but mighty team of fantastic celebrants working across Scotland.

If you remember any of these very important facts, stop by and see me at the Uncon, amaze me
with your talent for remembering stuff and I will congratulate you with chocolate! (And if you’re not
good at remembering stuff, stop by for chocolate anyway as consolation…)
I really am looking forward to seeing and meeting all the lovely uncon community soon – can’t wait!

Email Janine at:

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