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Bespoke hair and makeup that puts your personality front and centre. Zero cake face, zero prom hair trauma triggers.

About Jenna Clayton

Hey! I’m Jenna, and I’ve been a bridal hair and makeup pro for a decade!


In that time, I’ve learned that one of the things brides most value about me is that I just don’t do one size fits all hair or makeup - everything I do is designed to make you the centrepiece, not the makeup you’re wearing. Whether that means next to nothing natural or a full beat - I’ve got you. This is a collaboration, and I’m not going to do anything you aren’t comfortable with or utterly love!


I’m so lucky to have met so many wonderful couples, and I have been a part of every type of wedding imaginable! From an evening ceremony in an observatory, to the Fairy Pools in Skye, and atop the hills in Loch Lomond (where I even acted as a witness!) - I have seen so many amazing places and people, and it really feels crazy that this is my actual job sometimes.


In my previous life, I was an English teacher and also worked in finance in London, before having a little ‘spiritual awakening’ that my soul yearned for something a tad more creative. However, both careers stood me in good stead for honing my levels of calm!


A wee bit about me 


If I’m not working my toosh off doing weddings and other makeup jobs, I’ll absolutely be travelling. It is one of my biggest passions, and I even make sure to be somewhere else for the duration of January every year! So when I’m asking you about your honeymoon plans - I am genuinely DYING to know!! I’ll often message my brides tips for what to do if it’s a place I’ve been - if they want them! Some of my favourite places are Tokyo, Lisbon, New York, Athens and Walt Disney World (I’m also a bit of a Disney geek ).


I have a gorgeous pet ragdoll called Rufio who is the best cat in the world (every pet owner has to say this, I’m aware). He’s a daft floof - pictorial evidence attached.

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