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Legacy Cars & Events Scotland

Wedding cars across Central Scotland and beyond. Transporting you to your big day in style!

About Legacy Cars

Experience timeless elegance with Legacy Cars Scotland, a family run wedding transport service based in West Lothian and covering central Scotland and beyond.  Offering a unique fleet of vintage alternative cars, including the classic Morris Minor convertible and the sophisticated white Fairway wedding taxi. Make your special day even more memorable with Legacy exquisite vehicles and impeccable service.

All Legacy cars have been refurbished in house to an incredibly high standard ensuring they are as reliable as possible. All cars are chauffeur driven and come with a range of accessories that can be customised to suit the theme of your day.

Legacy also offer Neon letters, LOVE letters and balloon hoops, grill backdrops, pampas arrangements and more!

Get in touch with Cheryl for more info:

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