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If Carlsberg Made Celebrants!


Rachel is colourful, quirky and loves to laugh. She gets right in about your lives and uncovers all the deets to share with your peeps. She is all about kick-starting your day with happy tears, laughter and all the stories. 

About Rachel Heys Magical Life Celebrations

She stepped into the world of weddings a few years ago as a Wedding Coordinator. She just loved watching the wedding ceremonies and realised she wasn't as concerned with how many vegans you had coming or when your chairs would be delivered, as much as she was about how you met, what makes you such a great couple and just why you wanted to get married.


She knew she wanted to be up there with you, telling your story, spilling the secrets and revealing the truth about why you want to spend the rest of your life together. She is very sentimental, loves a bit of fun and likes to pop a bit of everything into your ceremony. She loves to work with you to find the perfect words to describe your life and why it is just meant to be!


She is dedicated and passionate but most importantly incredibly nosy! She wants to know everything about you and loves to get creative and explore different ideas and options to create the perfect ceremony for you. She very much feels that all ceremonies should be celebrations; celebrations of who you are and all you have brought to each other's lives. 


Rachel does have a special passion for weaving your love of film, TV, music and hobbies, into your ceremony to make it special and unique to you.  So, if you are marrying your Princess Leia, sharing the first dance with your very own Johnny Castle or blasting into the future like Marty and Jennifer - she's the Celebrant for you!


Allow her to piece together your favourite memories, loves, laughs, and passions and intertwine your stories to weave a truly unique ceremony you will treasure forever.


She knows that she is a bit higher priced than some but also knows she is worth every penny because of how much time you are going to spend together. By the BIG DAY she will know you inside out and capture your story perfectly for your guests to enjoy.  After all, why have prosecco when you can have Champagne 


Quirky and fun facts:


Rachel is a shoe-aholic with a special love for Irregular Choice. She picks her outfits according to what shoes she fancies wearing.


Rachel is a Crime Junkie and devours true crime like a menace. She often listens to grizzly murders to and from her weddings too.


Rachel's dog Aurora is her life - Aurora collects anxieties like Rachel collects shoes mind you, so life is pretty hectic with the wee travel sick, anxious, scared of the dark, terrified of fireworks and not a fan of people in her space pooch. However, she wouldn't change her for the world.


Rachel loves both food and eating and is not a fan of exercise. She isn't the choice for a Scottish hilltop elopement that's for sure!


Rachel loves ice-cream! It's her absolute favourite thing in the world. She especially loves an ice-cream sundae and her dream meal would be to have a three course meal but each course is a different dessert.


Rachel is a self-confessed and proud geek - and was even before it became cool! She has always been a Trekkie, loves Star Wars, Back to the Future has always been a big favourite of hers, as has Indiana Jones, Doctor Who, any and all Marvel flicks and Jurassic Park even though she is terrified of Dinosaurs.


Rachel's bucket list consists of doing a sky-dive, visiting every European city and trying every flavour of Ben and Jerry ice cream.

Get in touch with Rachel today

Rachel Heys


Magical Life Celebrations


T: 07545 177 357



I: @rachelheyscelebrant

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