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Rachel Spence Photography

Fun, Creative and adventurous photography for the fearless

About Rachel Spence Photography

'I've been holding a camera for nearly 25 years now and the magic is still there every time I pick it up and its double the joy when I'm with awesome wedding couples who are living the dream and doing their wedding their way, no fear! I'm pretty adventurous and up for anything, if a tad clumsy (I did fall in a bog once but kept shooting!) so whatever your plans are assume I'm in, bungie jumping, skydiving....anything goes here. I get a total kick out of documenting your day in a chilled fly on the wall style, no cheese ball couple posing and fake kissing just gentle guidance if needed and then expect to see me bad dancing and joining in come evening. Making wedding couples smile, cry and relive their day whenever they look at the pics makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, its what I live for. 


I have four dogs, two kids and a husband so pretty busy at home when I'm not working (hate calling it that cause its so fun) and I love pottery and crochet to wind down a bit. I also shoot branding photography and teach photography as well when I'm not at a wedding and recently renewed my own vows in the highlands of Scotland. I love to travel and have been all over working, most recently Majorca so any overseas weddings I'm down with that!' Rachel

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