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Alternative Bridal Hairdressers in the Heart of Edinburgh Old Town

 Relaxed environment with fun loving team with expertise in all things hair! No judgment salon with gender neutral pricing. Available for in salon or on site bridal hair.

About Rock n Rose Bridal

Hello everyone I’m Hannah, creative director of Rock n Rose hairdressing in Edinburgh. Myself and my business partner Kate opened our salon in the heart of Edinburgh city centre in 2017. We specialise in creative colouring and styling. We wanted to create an all inclusive safe space for our clients to be their authentic selves. 


Being in the hairdressing industry for 19 years this year ( scarily enough, I don’t feel that old) we were very aware of the gap in the industry for alternative hairdressing. We ourselves are creatives and wanted to give our clients that freedom to able to experiment with their hair. that why we opened our salon and why we want to give the perfect wedding looks to our alternative clients. 


We think it’s so important to be your authentic self on your wedding day! If I had a pound for every bride who told me I’m just going to go back to my natural for my wedding day then to look back years and regret it because it’s just not them. I would be rich! Your wedding is about you not anyone else. You’re marrying the person who loves you for you not anyone else. Look back and feel you are true To yourself. 


Bridal hair is such a personal passion of mines and exploring this further has been a great creative outlet for myself. 


If you’re keen to book with us for a trial please contact us on or call the salon on 01315561554

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