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Colourful, emotive and true to life images with a creative flare.

If you're on the lookout for someone to capture some fun lovin', natural photographs on your big day then look no further!

About Sinead Firman Photography

I’m a big romantic with a cheeky side. I strive to create colourful, emotive and true to life images with a creative flare. For me, it’s all about doing my clients’ vision justice, taking all they have worked to create for their wedding and documenting it in a way that I see as true to them. I take inspiration from my clients, their story and the beauty in the world around us, whether that be high up in the hills or on the busy city streets and everywhere in between.


My favourite part about this job is 100% the opportunity to meet such amazing people from all walks of life and have the honour of being a wee part of one of their most special days. I’m sucker for a love story and I take such joy in hearing about peoples’ journeys together. 

On the day, you’ll find me blending in while keeping everything running smoothly. I’ve worked well over 150 weddings now and I’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful, so whatever your plans, try me because I am nothing if not adventurous. I promise lots of laughs on your day, we’ll forever avoid awkward or cringe, we’re here for a good time after all. We all look our best when we are happy and at ease. 


Who’s she when she’s at home? I live in a wee house out in Fife with my 4 chickens, my big Maine Coon crazy cat, Sampa and my whisky making engineer partner. I’m obsessed with food and spend hours cooking most nights, it feels like the ultimate creative outlet for me, apart from photography. I used to cook for a living but I enjoy it a lot more in my own kitchen, cooking only for the people I love. I’ve a passion for music but I spend most days listening to BCC radio 4 now. I’m not sure what that says about me. I love adventures, driving holidays and discovering new places close to home and further afield. I also really love being at home, trying to grow stuff, watching chickens chicken and pottering. None of this means I don’t like to party every now and again.  I’m the eldest of 6 children, I’m Irish and I think my banter reflects that, cos we’re great craic. I probably say sorry too often and I consider myself a caring and giving person.


Silly facts people seem to enjoy:

I was a shield maiden in The Vikings series.

I have a cat. She’s called Sampa, her middle name is Trouble. 

My degree is in Arts Management. I also studied sound production and festival management. I’ve worked more festivals than I could count, in various roles. My seen live list is pretty substantial for a girl that doesn’t really get out much. 

I’ve lived in Scotland for nearly 10 years now and I bloody love my friends and family. 


While I think it should go without saying, I believe that love is love and that it should be accepted, respected and nurtured wherever it is found. 


Contact details:


Whatsapp: 07526781023

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