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Wedding Films Glasgow, Scotland and Beyond!

About StrangeWorx

Hi, I'm James (my last name is Strange, no, seriously, it's the name I was born with...)


So that's why my company is called StrangeWorx Wedding Films

there's nothing strange or weird about me..... honest ;)


I've been filming weddings since 2001, so over 20 years now (which I now realise makes me OOOOOLD)


After 20 years and over 1000 weddings, I STILL love shooting weddings.


Sure, every wedding has the couple, the cake, the vows, the rings etc.... but each wedding has different PEOPLE, and people are generally... very happy at weddings... which is good vibes to be a part of


What's my style?  I guess if I had to sum it up in one word... it would be.... AWESOMETASTILLYAMAZING (that's a word yeah?) MY style is laid back, chilled out, casual. No big camera, no big lights... just me and my wee (but mighty) camera (and the wee drone when the weather allows it) 

Random fact about me.... I saw Jurassic Park 7 times at the cinema.... ITS THAT DAMN GOOD!!!!


That's All Folks.....

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