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Vintage Vehicle Hire & Photo Booth for Weddings & Events

The Boho Bus offers a range of unique services and experiences for your event including Scotland's only VW photo booth, a Vintage Open Air Photo Booth, Wedding Transport, Boho Cupcake Bar, Vintage Tuck Shop & Vintage Snack Walls

About The Boho Bus

The Boho Bus originated from our love of VW campervans and the lifestyle they are
associated with. We bought our 1978 VW van in 2016 just before we left to travel the
East Coast of Australia in a campervan (not quite as cool as Martha, but we lovingly
named her Gympie). Once we returned home, we soon realised that our van needed
A LOT more work than we had originally thought she would. Fast forward a 7 year
restoration (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears), we are finally on the home straight
with Martha – our wee Boho Babe of a Bus.

We are a small family business, (Claire, Andrew and our 5year old Brodie). Andrew
and I have been together for 10 years and met when we worked together in
Residential Childcare.
Our bus is named Martha after a friend who sadly passed away in 2021.
We are based in Doune, a small village in Stirling.
Andrew’s first VW campervan was owned by Chet Helmes – Janis Joplin’s manager.

VW Photo Booth Bus

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Scotland’s exclusive VW photo booth
experience. Prepare to be enchanted by our beloved 1978 VW bus, meticulously
transformed into a captivating touch screen photo booth, offering an enchanting and
whimsical way to capture and preserve precious memories.
Our VW bus, Martha, is a fun and quirky way to help capture beautiful memories and
is the only VW photo booth in Scotland – a truly unique experience.

We offer both digital photos and prints, both of which can be fully customisable to
suit your taste or to match the theme of your big day. We offer old school strip prints
too which look awesome in the wooden guestbook that we offer.
Digital prints can be sent straight to your phone via Airdrop, QR code or email

1978 VW Transport

Our 1978 VW campervan is also available for transport. Step inside and be
captivated by Martha’s vintage charm. The interior features Harris Tweed fabric, wild
flower resin accents and a handmade oak bench. Celebrate your special occasion
with Martha and let her transport you to a world of nostalgia and vintage charm on
route to your venue.

Vintage Indoor Photo Booth

Our Vintage Indoor Photo Booth is sleek in design and compliments any venue. It
has an easy to use touchscreen interface which is customisable to suit your
preferences. Photos can be sent to guests digitally via Air drop, email or QR code or
they can be printed in a 6x4 or vintage strip style. Each print can be customised with
your event details. Why not request double prints where your guest can keep a copy
and the other can be kept be put into a beautiful, personalised wooden guestbook.
We provide an array of different props, guaranteed to bring the fun and laughter to
your event. Who wouldn’t want to see a photo of your auld auntie Jean in a rubber
cows mask?! We also have a selection of backdrops available to chose from too.


Martha has a very versatile boot space…

We have designed Martha’s boot space in a way that is highly versatile and
customisable whilst still giving some serious boho vibes with our wood and resin light
box display boxes and dried flower wall. We are excited to offer both a Boho
Cupcake Bar and a Vintage Tuck Shop (Wham bar anyone?) with the possibility to
offer more!
We have teamed up with a local small business, Penny’s Patisserie, for the Boho
Cupcake Bar. The collaboration between The Boho Bus and Penny’s Patisserie is a
match made in heaven. The Boho Bus provides a unique and charming space with
it’s oak, resin and dried flower features, whilst Penny’s Patisserie offers bespoke
cupcakes that are not only delicious but also beautiful. Each cupcake is handcrafted
with care and attention to detail, ensuring that every bite is a delight. Whether it’s a
classic Victoria sponge cupcake or a more adventurous flavour like passionfruit
martini, The Boho Cupcake Bar has something for everyone.
Together, we can provide a one stop experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.
Our Vintage Tuck Shop is a pick n mix that offers a hint of nostalgia whilst hitting the
sweet spot with guests. We provide classics like Fizzy Cola Bottles, Giant Strawbs

and Popping Candy in beautiful glass jars with wooden lids. We have sourced
antique spoons and tongs that are inkeeping with the vintage boho feel.
All of our services that are available within Martha’s boot space can also be set up in
any venue, adding an exquisite boho feel to any special occasion.


Vintage Snack Walls

Our antique vintage wall is absolutely stunning and is available to use as a crisp or
snack wall. Adorned with a dried flower display, this service brings a beautiful boho
aesthetic whilst also keeping your guests (or the bride – my sister was a sucker for a
packet of Tangy Toms on her big day!) happy.


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