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Coffee & Cake Horsebox Trailer!

We love events just as much as we love coffee & cake! From weddings to conferences to parties - whatever the occasion, we can provide our full range of hot drinks, home baking and more on request, all served from our beautiful Wee Pink Trailer! 

About The Wee Pink Trailer

The Wee Pink Trailer was started in 2022 by Fi Roy, who loves people, coffee and the sense of community a wee cafe can create!

Currently, The Wee Pink Trailer is available for events whether that be a wedding, a birthday party or whatever you fancy celebrating!

Their coffee is locally sourced from one of their favourite places in Edinburgh - Cairngorm Coffee.

Keeping it in the family, their cakes are also supplied baked by Fi's mum who has owned As You Like it Catering for 40+ years!

Get in touch today to enquire for your event.

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