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Wedding Trends - Alternative Wedding Shoes

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Looking for quirky and alternative wedding shoes with attitude? Look no further! The team here at the Unconvention has rounded up their top 3 wedding heels, based on 3 key factors: uniqueness, comfort, and cost. We’re joking. Fabulousness doesn’t have a price, so our 3rd key factor is reusability after the wedding.

The first wedding shoe we’d like to raise a public service announcement about is AYA by Kat Maconie.

AYA sandals by Kat Maconie. Image credits: Kat Maconie Website

Kat Maconie has become a renowned UK icon in shoe design, taking inspiration from the 80s era, where Kat spent hours decorating her mum’s high heels in costume jewellery. We can see this nostalgic influence in Kat’s designs, which we adore. Kat wants her shoes to bring joy to women worldwide. They’re certainly bringing joy to us, Kat!

Uncon score

Uniqueness rating: 10/10

Comfort Rating: who cares, I mean really?

Reusability Rating: I solemnly swear to wear these every day for the rest of my life.


There’s no introduction needed for our next showstopping alternative wedding heel. ZIA by Terry de Havilland is as iconic as its designer. Pictured here in electric pink, we're simply in awe.

Quirky wedding heels
ZIA platform by Terry de Havilland. Image credits: Terry de Havilland website.

Known as the 'Rock n Roll Cobbler of the 1970s', Terry de Havilland is renowned for his influence in the London Fashion scene. With clients including Led Zeppelin, Bianca Jagger, and David Bowie, it’s natural to assume Terry not only influenced the 70’s fashion movement in the UK, but his followers alike.

Terry de Havilland platforms are still worn today by British supermodel Kate Moss, and the team here at the Unconvention (just slightly less famous!). We’re categorically never taking them off…

Uncon score

Uniqueness rating: 10/10

Comfort Rating: if we say super comfortable, can we buy more?

Reusability Rating: just try’n pry them off me!


Someone call the police! Sophia Webster has stolen our hearts! British luxury accessories designer Sophia Webster graduated from the distinguished London College of Fashion and The Royal College of Art over a decade ago, and is now internationally renowned for her unique, creative, and uplifting designs.

LEAH platform sandal by Sophia Webster. Image credits: Sophia Webster website.

Stealing our hearts isn’t a new thing, in-fact, we’ve always adored Sophia Webster’s quirky and unmistakably Sophia Webster collections.

LEAH from Sophia’s latest collection has us further hooked. With its skyscraper chunky heel, vibrant colour, and vinyl bow finishing, this pair of alternative wedding heels is giving us 70s/Cuban/retro vibes all at once.

We can just picture this shoe teamed with a mini wedding dress, or wide-leg bridal trouser.

Uncon score

Uniqueness rating: 10/10

Comfort Rating: I don’t walk, I was born to be chauffeur driven

Reusability Rating: I’ll be honeymooning with them in Copacabana next month, and the month after that…


Hopefully this week's blog has given some quirky wedding shoe food-for-thought . We hope to see some pizazz and colour peaking out from under your gorgeous alternative wedding attire! Overall conclusion from our alternative wedding shoe shopping experience? Buy. Them. ALL.



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