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Entertaining Your Guests in Style! - Bygone Booth

Imagine capturing some fun at your wedding through the lens of a vintage photo booth! Bygone Booth offers a fun, unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. In today's Spotlight Blog we meet the couple behind Bygone Booth, Joe and Steph, to find out how it all began and any tips they have for your alternative wedding.

Tell us a bit about you, the person behind the brand? 

Image by Jo + Liam Photography

We are Joe & Steph AKA Mr & Mrs Bygone. Husband and Wife Photo Boothin’ Duo and the Creators of Bygone Booth.

We met 13 years ago and honestly, by the end of our first date, we knew it was love. Was it the water balloon fight, the picnic, the kiss? I don’t know but we were all in. A few years later we started Bygone Booth and we’ve been a team in all things ever since.

We live in Glasgow’s East End with our problematic flat mate, Cat Stevens (our Cat).

Joe loves- skateboarding, retro video games and pizza.

Steph loves- making clothes, seeing new places and guessing the end of movies.

Right now we’re both loving ‘True Detective - Night Country’, ‘Drag Race UK Vs The World’, living room karaoke and making each other laugh.

How did your vision/passion begin?

We always wanted to create something and forge our own path. We’d been saving for a new adventure, we just weren’t sure what that was yet. I (Steph), took a Film Photography Class. The dark room was like magic to me. I loved the idea that a photograph was once a rare, treasured thing. Originally, we wanted to buy an old wet chemical booth but the idea evolved into working with antiques and the rest is history.

What’s your favourite part of doing what you do? 

All of it!! Seriously, we have the best job!!!

We meet people on a day that is all about love. That’s pretty cool.

It’s extra special when a whole circle of friends book you over the years. Seeing past couples as their families grow. It’s like a little snapshot into their lives.

There’s an energy at weddings that doesn’t exist in many places. We’re really lucky to experience that on the regular.

Plus, I get to work with my favourite person every day!!

Image by Jo + Liam Photography

What one piece of advice would you give to couples?

Do it your way!! The day should reflect who you are as a couple. It’s that simple.

What attracted you to our alternative wedding fair? 

You guys showcase local creatives, local talent and small businesses. We think that’s important. Independent suppliers care. They want to do their best and showcase their talent.

Uncon is a place were couples can find suppliers who get their vision and can help make their dreams reality. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that??

Who is your biggest icon, and why? 

That’s a tough one. Maybe, Betty White. She was the first woman to have her own television show. An absolute trailblazer and a Golden Girl!!!

I’m also obsessed with the following writers/actors right now- Sharon Horgan, Michaela Coel, Daisy May Copper, Russel T Davies, Lisa McGee & Diane Morgan.

Joe would probably say Batman or Travis Barker or Freddie Mercury, he has many.

What has been your favourite wedding to date/why?

Is it cheesy to say our own?!! If we’re talking strictly professional then that’s an impossible question. After 10 years, over 1000 gorgeous couples and an infinite amount of memories I can’t do it!!!

Here’s 5 things we always look forward to at a wedding;

  1. The fun Aunties. Half the time they are just your Mum’s pals but that won’t stop them nailing “Proud Mary” and giggling all night long.

  2. The old boy who refuses to get his picture taken until someone twists his arm and then we can’t get rid of him.

  3. Meeting people we’ve seen at past weddings, especially if they have some Bygone pics in their wallet- it’s sooooo cute!!!

  4. The kids that collect photo strips like they are currency and use the props in the most creative ways. They also happen to leave the best messages.

  5. Our Bygone couples sharing a Bygone Kiss in the booth

Aww we absolutely love these! Everyone has that one friend or Auntie who's party piece is Proud Mary!

Bygone Booth will be joining us at the uncon show in March! We cannot wait to see them there. You can also find more info on Bygone Booth on their Directory Page or their website.


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