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Alternative Bridal Hair Styling for the Fearless!

Tonight’s spotlight is on Hannah Crerar, the Creative Director behind Rock n Rose Hairdressing.

We’ve been in awe of the Edinburgh based salon’s edgy vibe for some time, so were naturally bursting at the seams with the announcement of their alternative bridal hair brand, Rock n Rose Bridal!

For those who didn’t get to meet the Rock n Rose Team at the last Unconvention, find out all about them here….

Hannah of Rock n Rose Bridal

Tell us a bit about you, the person behind the brand? 

Hello everyone I’m Hannah, creative director of Rock n Rose hairdressing in Edinburgh. Myself and my business partner Kate opened our salon in the heart of Edinburgh city centre in 2017. We specialise in creative colouring. We wanted to create an all inclusive safe space for our clients to be their authentic selves.

Hannah with Kate & Jodie all of Rock n Rose Bridal at the last Scottish Wedding uncon show!
Hannah with Kate & Jodie at the last uncon show!

I'm a mum of 2 beautiful kids, boss lady to 10 amazing independent women and lover of all things hair! I love to cook and socialise with my friends and family. Love nothing more than Sunday dinners and chill out time with the kids. But I am a workaholic and still trying to find that work life balance.

How did your vision/passion begin?

Being in the hairdressing industry for 19 years this year ( scarily enough, I don’t feel that old) we were very aware of the gap in the industry for alternative hairdressing. We ourselves are creatives and wanted to give our clients that freedom to be able to experiment with their hair. That is why we opened our salon and why we want to give the perfect wedding looks to our alternative clients.

Rock n Rose Bridal styled shoot featuring vintage bridal hair looks
Rock n Rose Bridal

What’s your favourite part of doing what you do?

I've always loved everything about wedding hair! Being part of something so intimate and celebrating two people coming together is something wonderful. You get to be part of the prep, make someone look and feel fantastic! Also the lead up is so fun. Getting that perfect colour or style, and playing with styles to suit their personality.

Rock n Rose Bridal styled shoot featuring vintage bridal hair looks
Rock n Rose Retro Bridal Shoot

What one piece of advice would you give to couples?

Be your authentic self on your wedding day! If I had a pound for every bride who told me "I’m just going to go back to my natural color for my wedding day" then to look back years later and regret it because it’s just not them. Your wedding is about you, not anyone else. You’re marrying the person who loves you for you! Look back and feel you are your authentic self, full of color and vibrancy!

What attracted you to our alternative wedding directory? 

When we saw the amazing platform dedicated to bringing us unconventional folks together I knew we needed to be part of it! Thank you team uncon for bringing everyone together to let us create some alternative wedding magic!

Who is your biggest icon, and why? 

Frida Kahlo the icon - Image from Pinterest

There’s so many but someone who always stuck with me was Frida Kahlo. I remember studying her in art at school and loving how authentic she was, painting herself in her true self even if it was unconventionally beautiful.

What’s for dinner? 

Staple in our house has to be Mexican, full of flavour and hot sauce for me family style always wins for us!

Sounds perfect! For more info on Rock n Rose Bridal you can find them over on our Directory or on their website.

We can't wait to have Hannah and the rest of the team back at the Unconvention!


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