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Supplier Spotlight Blog - Frankly My Dear Lingerie

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

What a treat we have for you today! Meet Directory member Stacey Bonnar, owner of the glamorous sparkly vintage haven Frankly My Dear Lingerie in Ayr. We caught up with Stacey to find out all about the woman behind this gorgeous boutique and how she helps women find their inner show girl!

Tell us a bit about you, the person behind the brand?

I would love to be elusive…like a kind, glamorous Maleficent that lounges in beautiful chiffon robes all day in her castle, however, I am Stacey. Kind, yet with a slightly dark sense of humour, lover of vintage glam with a desire to perhaps become a trapeze artist in a vintage circus one day.

How did your vision/passion begin?

It began by watching a film with my Gran Meg, titled 'Bathing Beauty' starring Esther Williams, when I was about 15 years old. The outfits, the showgirl stage and the glamour just mesmerised me! My Gran was a confident lady who told stories of seamed stockings, pearls and matching bags and gloves and from then on I just couldn’t resist the ‘clunk' of a vintage handbag clasp! By watching more old classic films and reading about the Hollywood golden age, I just loved the femininity of the female stars and the classic style of the tailored clothing and lingerie from that era. Perfect hair, sweeping eyeliner, red lips…and gentle, quiet, yet unapologetic confidence.

What’s your favourite part of doing what you do?

Obviously I love being in my little showroom, surrounded by glamorous lingerie, stars and twinkly lights, but most importantly, I love to meet and help women embrace their inner confidence. I refer to that as your inner showgirl queen. Confidence, as we all know is about how you feel and lingerie is a way to entice that confidence without needing to step out and shout it to the world. Not everyone can do that, or would want to! We all have different levels of confidence based on the individual. So, helping women feel classy, sultry and confident for no other than themselves is what I love! Nobody else needs to know about or validate your confidence. Thats your inner showgirl queen.

What one piece of advice would you give to couples?

When a problem comes between you, remember it's always both of you versus the problem. That way you will both work out a solution together. And advice for the wedding day…take some time to yourselves even just for 10 minutes..away from the crowd, to realise and appreciate the meaning of your day.

What attracted you to our alternative wedding fair?

I have always been attracted to things that have vibrancy, not in colour, but in mindset, branding or personality, they’re exciting, niche, and reflective of the individual, so the Scottish Wedding Unconvention is a great place for my first wedding show! The supplier list is full of businesses that are more than comfortable to step out of the Comfort Zone and I'm sure this will attract couples who are looking to reflect their personalities on their special day through alternative ideas.

Who is your biggest icon, and why?

Icon.. that's quite something to decide on.

One of my biggest inspirations is

Dita shown here in her fabulous Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress
Image from Dita Von Teese Instagram

Dita Von Teese, purely because she emulates glamour and commands respect. That lady was apparently gifted a monogrammed silver whistle from the Venice Simplon Orient Express when she travelled on it. The whistle was used by the guard to herald the departure of the train…monogrammed. Now that's glamourous! But I’m more inspired honestly, by the women that surround me in every day life. Strength, determination, confidence. I’m very proud of them all….whistles or none! What’s for dinner?

The best, most flavoursome, most tantalising chilli you’ve ever had in your life, made by my Mum! Hello, Chilli Friday!

Sounds amazing Stacey!

If you're looking for some beautiful bridal lingerie, robes and vintage accessories get in touch with Stacey to make an appointment at this fabulous boutique.


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