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Supplier Spotlight Blog - Lavender Blue Weddings

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Are you looking to have super cool, quirky, fun alternative wedding and don't know where to start with your planning? Lavender Blue Weddings are an amazingly cool wedding planning service based in Edinburgh!

We caught up with Gemma Lavender, the amazing lady behind Lavender Blue Weddings to find out how it all began and who she's inspired by. Gemma was at our Uncon show in February where we finally got to meet her and she is AMAZING and so much fun! The weddings in her portfolio are something else. You can find Gemma's Directory page and links to her website and socials at the bottom of this post.

Tell us a bit about you, the person behind the brand?

I'm Gemma, I'm 35 and from Edinburgh. I'm a mum of two; Vivienne who is 6 and Reuben who is 3. We live in our cosy wee flat with my husband on the outskirts of the 'burgh near lots of my family, which is lovely. I've just taken over the lease of a retail space in Colinton, that I use as my office and meeting space and I'm really loving having my own wee space to work from and meet couples.

How did your vision/passion begin?

Basically, I LOVED planning my own wedding and decided I wanted to do it for others and never have to stop planning! It really staved off the wedding blues, as I had an exciting new project to look forward to after our wedding whirlwind was over. I've always loved weddings though, having been a flower girl many times as a youngster; I just love how happy an occasion it is and the fact that everyone there is so buzzing for the newly married me the warm and fuzzies!

What’s your favourite part of doing what you do?

My favourite part of being an alternative coordinator, is the super cool couples I get to work with and the stunning ideas we come up with together. I love getting a chance to be creative, especially on set up days; having fun, while getting shit done!

What one piece of advice would you give to couples?

My biggest piece of advice to all my couples is to take the time to choose the right photographer for you! Spend the pennies on the awesome person that you want to hang out with all day! Make sure you love their work, as it's the one thing you will have to look back on for years to come.

What attracted you to our alternative wedding fair?

I have tried wedding fairs before but they weren't for me and I wasn't for the couples attending. However, this Unconvention will absolutely open me up to couples I'd love to work with and of course, I look forward to hanging out with my super cool, unconventional supplier buddies on the day too!

Who is your biggest icon, and why?

My biggest icon has always been Vivienne Westwood...I even named my daughter after her! She was never afraid to be herself and stand up for what she believed in and was an epic badass of a human.

What’s for dinner?

Nae idea, I'll need to ask the other half what he's makin'!!!

Love it! Wee bit of equality in the household there!

You can find out more info on Lavender Blue's Directory page here:

Or go straight to their webpage:


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