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Supplier Spotlight Blog ~ Alyce Jayne Bridal

Alyce Jayne embodies everything The Unconvention adores about modern bridalwear; stunningly unique wedding dresses and bridal separates, with just the subtlest hints of vintage and costumery.

But - what makes Alison Malcolm, the creative being Alyce Jayne Bridal tick? We caught up with her to find out! And to get some inspiration for our dinner, we’ll be honest...

Tell us a bit about you?

My name is Alison Malcolm, I am the designer maker of Alyce Jayne Bridal. After years of making bespoke dresses I decided to make it official and start the brand in 2019. Alice and Jane were my two grannies I thought it was a lovely tribute to name the brand after them.

When did your passion for fashion designing begin?

I have always loved sewing and making but did not train formally till I was 27 when I returned from maternity leave. I wasn’t enjoying my office job anymore and decided to quit and follow my dream. I had always done something creative like art and hand sewing so when I was off on maternity leave I decided to teach myself dressmaking. I wanted to learn the proper industrial and couture methods of sewing as well as design and pattern cutting.

Three words to describe Alyce Jayne Bridal?

Lets go for 3 (plus a few more 🤣) Modern Luxury bridal, romantic, whimsical with a rock n roll edge!

Name your icons and role models, and why?

In terms of fashion designers I love Dolce and Gabbana Alta Moda collections. I love the drama of the garments and how they integrate their Italian/Sicilian heritage into their designs. I also love Dior couture their romantic tulle gowns with beautiful couture surface decoration. I studied advanced corsetry at college as I just love historical fashion and costume! The costumes in movies like Marie Antoinette and shows like Bridgerton are amazing.

Designing bridal allows me to incorporate all of these influences into my designs, the historical elements, the corsetry, whilst maintaining a high-end couture finish and a modern twist. I can be a little bit more theatrical and free with my designs than I could be if I was designing ready to wear every day clothing.

What’s your favourite part of being a designer?

I absolutely love the whole process of creating research mood-boards then creating my own designs from these. Then working out how to create the patterns and sew them, changing little things as you go along. Seeing your final garment made up and on a bride or in a Photoshoot is just amazing.

For anyone looking to get into design, what would your one piece of advice be?

Go to college and study Fashion Design and manufacture. I studied at Glasgow Kelvin College. You will not only learn how to research and design including creating design books and mood boards, you will also learn the technical side such as pattern cutting and industrial sewing and all of the different aspects that go in to designing a collection. You will be able to take your designs from a sketch to a finished article rather than relying on other people to make them.

What’s in store for Alyce Jayne Bridal next season?

We have a new collection coming soon that I cannot wait to share! Completely fresh pieces but still with the Alyce Jayne ooh la la!

What’s for dinner?

I’m having a cheeky takeaway tonight as have had a busy day and didn’t have any dinner organised!

We hope you enjoyed The Unconvention’s first Spotlight Blog. Tune in next week for our next instalment!


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