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Supplier Spotlight Blog - Kirsty McElroy Wedding Photography

In this weekend’s blog we’re finding out all about the journey of professional Scottish photographer, Kirsty McElroy.

For those of who haven’t seen Kirsty’s work, she captures the most beautiful, relaxed and candid wedding photography accross Scotland. The little moments she’s able to encapsulate are just, ‘mwah, French kiss’, as they say…

Tell us a bit about you, the person behind the lens?

''In West Philadelphia West Philadelphia born and raised,

On the playground was where I spent most of my days,

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool,

And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school....... Sorry, wrong life!

My name is Kirsty, I am a fiancée, a mum to Caragh, and dog mother to our lab Millie, and cockapoo Bella. I love outdoor life, kayaking, walking and some bouldering.

Fun fact…I can also count to 10 in 6 different languages!''

Dix sur dix, Kirsty!

How did your passion for photography begin?

''Like any true wedding photographer my love story started when friends asked me to shoot their wedding and I shat myself and said no. They broke me down after a while of begging and my passion for wedding photography started.''

What’s your favourite part of being a photographer?

''Oh man that is a hard question as I bloody love everything about it. If I had to pick 1 thing it would be the connections I get to make with my couples as well as their friends and family. One of the most special parts of being a wedding photographer is being given the responsibility of capturing one of the most amazing days the couple will ever have together. Having a great connection with my couple allows them to trust I always have their best Interests at heart.''

Which one piece of advice would you give to couples when they are searching for their wedding photographer?

''Pick a kick-ass team of vendors. The vendors you pick can make or break your wedding day. Meet them either in person or zoom, make sure you are all on the same page! ''

Sound advice, Kirsty!

What attracted you to our Scottish alternative wedding fair?

''I absolutely adore that you have created a space where everyone feels included. As a vendor when I started, I wasn't as aware of being inclusive as I am now. I had questions like where is your dress from? Bride/ Groom names. I was pigeon-holing, and now I understand the wedding industry needs to be an inclusive space for everyone. That's why I love this alternative wedding fair and I will continue to support what it stands for. ''

Who is your biggest icon, and why?

''Oft, we’re getting really deep in here! That's such a hard question again, you guys are meanies. I would need to say my partner (cheese fest!). He runs his own business, helps out when I need to be away and is just an all-round awesome guy. He was the one that pushed me to pursue photography, and went to an evening class with me (we didn’t learn much, ha!). He has always supported my business and pushed me to take leaps I didn't think I could take.''

What’s for dinner?

''My mum’s homemade soup! ''

Excellent choice, Kirsty! Nothing beats it, especially in Scotland when we're always baltic!

We’ve loved getting to know you, and can’t wait to see you at the Scottish Wedding Unconvention on the 19th February at the Drygate in Glasgow.

To see more of Kirsty’s work before the Unconvention, visit her directory page by clicking here.


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