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Supplier Spotlight Blog - Toasty Type

Under the spotlight today is the most amazing lady - Jen of Toasty Type!

Jen creates the most beautiful artwork, calligraphy, signage, and hand painted lettering. Her personalised leather jackets are adored by brides, and her quirky, personalised wedding seating plans are particularly adored by us!

Jen has been a member of the Scottish Wedding Unconvention since the beginning. She coined our favourite phrase, 'ah fuck it, I'd rather be at the Uncon anyway!' when presented with the choice of going to our show or another. Jen exhibited at our first show and was a huge hit with everyone. We've been fan girling over her ever since!

Here's more about Jen.

Tell us a bit about you, the person behind the brand?

I'm an art school graduate who took a massive detour in Events and Marketing before circling back to my one true love of being creative! I've made stuff all my life and it makes me so happy - If I knew of all the creative jobs there were in the world when I was a teenager i'd have chosen to do something like set design, or prop making... halloween and fancy dress is absolutely my bag.

I listen to too many true crime podcasts and deep dive documentaries - weirdly I can listen and absorb the info when I draw but not when I type. Must be a left/ right brain thing.

I love outdoor swimming, I've just got new wetsuit boots which i'm desperate to try!

I have a husband, stepson and elderly cat at home, and they all give me backchat.

I'm originally from the Highlands, and I still have a little twang in my accent which makes people question where I'm from ALLTHE TIME.

I love a bit of DIY, my favourite cocktail is an Old Fashioned, if I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would be Thai or Japanese. I enjoy a good swear and I love a meme.

I love the eccentricities of Scottish humour which I try to incorporate into some of my work - I love it when a client is really game for some fun! I'm really lucky to have had some fantastic clients who have let me run wild with some of the pieces :)

How did your vision/passion begin?

I have always loved beautiful lettering, from a very young age I took pride in my 'nice writing' which eventually turned into learning calligraphy. Years later I returned to calligraphy to flex my creative muscles and de-stress - it worked, but I also discovered that I was hugely passionate about calligraphy and knew I needed to do this all the time. I set up Toasty Type as a place to share the things I created, I started to get commissions and before I knew it I'd handed my notice in (see ya job security, hello squeaky bum) and Toasty Type began! I don't regret a single minute of it, it's not been easy and it takes a while to find your groove but it fills me with utter joy and I love helping other people have a little fun on their wedding day!

What’s your favourite part of doing what you do?

I still can't quite believe that I get paid to draw and write, it's honestly my dream job. I am lucky enough to have a good mix of corporate and wedding clients, and sometimes I do feel like I need to pinch myself. Being your own boss is a belter :) What one piece of advice would you give to couples?

Your wedding should be about you, and your personalities. It's very easy to get sucked into the 'Wedding Machine' and get spat out the other end covered in sparkles! Don't be scared to forge your own path, there are many suppliers who are busting at the seams to help you have the best day :) like me!

What attracted you to our alternative wedding Directory?

I'm a bit unconventional, I don't often fit the standard wedding mould and I love to work with couples who are keen to really express themselves. I just got the vibe that this Directory was totally my jam, I saw some of the other suppliers who I LOVE, and said F*ck it, I'm in!

Who is your biggest icon, and why?

Oh my days, such a tricky question. I don't have a famous icon really - I mean I love Dolly Parton - she's bold, she's brash, she's to the point but she's also a massive philanthropist whose good deeds are endless. I have art and lettering icons, but I won't bore you with all of them because that verges on super nerdy. What’s for dinner? Whatever can be thrown together in a hurry! Experimental cooking at it's best.

Not nerdy at all Jen. We LOVE Dolly too as well as the occasional swear word!

You can find out more info about Jen and Toasty Type on her Directory Page.


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